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  1. The recent local election has emphasized to me how much development has occurred in MELDRUM and BOURTIE’s cyber world , community blogs and websites. As an ordinary and very loyal older resident of Meldrum and Bourtie I would like to write an article to reach locals, both in the community newspaper “Meldrum Matters”, and on all the community blogs and web sites and links, traders ,business associations ,care homes schools library ,in fact all committees and sub-committees. Do you have a comprehensive “community group” list available? Kind regards Mrs Berry Loveday Tel 01651 872591

  2. Hello,
    I’m interested in reaching community groups in Oldmeldrum also, mainly for community engagement on waste and recycling issues, which are the areas in which I’m working for Zero Waste Scotland. Have you had any response to a request for a comprehensive community group list? Thank you.
    Karen Wood
    Aberdeen Forward

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